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    Running script on Blade logic Application Server NSH

    Gurneet Singh Chopra



      I am trying to get RSCD Service state, RSCD Agent version etc. details for all the servers by running a simple script on NSH of Blade logic Application Server:


      for i in `cat //usplwbbsadev01/d/IQTesting/servers.txt`


      echo $i

      cd //$i

      ser=`nexec -e sc query RSCDsvc | findstr STATE`

      ver=`agentinfo | findstr Release`

      echo "$i,$ser,$ver" >> //usplwbbsadev01/d/IQTesting/output.csv





      • Servers.txt is the text file containing all the server names.
      • Usplwbbsadev01 is my BL Application Server.


      I am trying to execute the above script on NSH of BL App. However, it returns the output for only 1st Server from servers.txt file in output.csv and the process is interrupted. Ideally, it should go to next server in servers.txt and return the output.


      It is not able to go to the next server. It says cd: interrupt.  Any idea? I got couple of reports in 8.1 through same method but not able to get one now. No clue.