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    Struggling with Compliance rule

      Hello All!


      i am working on creating a component template for two simple things. 1 is to tell if the BMC BPPM Patrol agent exist and is running, that part i have working fine, the second is the tell what version the BPPM Patrol agent is on. To do this i have created an extended object. the definition of the object is to run the patrolagent.exe -v which i believe is working correctly. below are screen shots of the extended object and a live view of one of my servers which shows value 1 as the version.


      extended object definition.jpgextended object live view.jpg


      so to me that is what i want. next i create my component template and include the extended object as a part. this one thing that worries me is the check mark under discover isnt there for this particular part. any below is a screen shot of the parts of my component template, the rule i created to check value 1, and a compliance run against a server where is looks like its showing the operator as exists instead of contains which i specify in the rule, anyway im not sure what im doing wrong, any suggestions are much appreciated.


      compliane parts.jpg

      compliance rule.jpg

      copmpliance run.jpg