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    Increase the Limit to the Number of BLPackages



      We have an instance where the blpackages has become full resulkting in a "too many links" error


      This appears to be down to the storage folder for the file server being limited to 32000 items a hard Unix limit for the number of folders?




      Is there a way to increase this to multiple folders or is there a hard limit of 32000 packages


      Is there a similar limit in 8.2





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          'Too many links' is the Linux OS limitation, not BSA. The blpackage directory will be created for:

          - every blpackage that you have
          - every job run that is a deploy job against a depot software object (custom software, rpm, solaris patch, windows hotfix, msi package, etc). In other words, you run such job 10 times, and it create 10 blpackage folders. Note this is not a BLPackage Deploy Job, this is depot software object deploy job (in such case blpackage is created silently under covers and stored in blpackages folder)


          to resolve:

          - You need to perform cleanup to get rid of these. Delete old job runs, jobs, blpackages, then perform fileserver cleanup.


          - 32000 limit is default on ext3 (and I believe ext2 as well), so consider converting to ext4