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    BladeLogic cannot cancel a running job, once that Application server lose the connection with the database server due to network failure.


      [ Background ]

      We have Application Server and Database Server on different nodes.

      We are testing about network failure.


      On a test case, the below phenomenon occurs.

      BladeLogic cannot cancel a running job.


      [ Test Operation ]:

      1) Execute a job.

      2) Disconnect the network between Application and Database while the job is running.

      3) Reconnect the network.

      -> the job is still running.

      4) Cancel the job.

      -> However, the Job is not cancel.


      [ Environment ]:

      BladeLogic VL: BladeLogic Server Automation 8.2SP2 Application Server: windows server 2008 R2

      Database: SQL Server2008


      [ Question ]:

      Is it expected behavior?