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    Control-m issue

      hi i have a control-m job the job type is command job. In that job using CTMFW command i am using a file watcher process.I need to run the job on every 8th business working day of the month. The file which my jobs watches contains the previous month last day .i.e FILENAME_20121031 (i took october as the last month). I would run this job on november 8th working day.How do my job automatically takes the last mnth date i am passing the control-m date as parameter fr the file. Please specify the syntax of the control-m date that takes the last mnth day ...I tried with %%CALCDATE%%ODATE some stuff...when ever i use such type of commands i got the "CTMERR" as error message.Please help me solve this issue.



      Thanks in advance

      Manoj B