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    CTM V.7 resource consumption problems

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      I'm having problems with my CTM V7 new installation and i need some kind of help ASAP(The installation was a migration from version 6.3 to version 7). With this installation of CTM V.7, the server has very high memory and CPU consumption(almost 100%!!). Everyday, the server has around 90-98% of the total memory consumed by the application and i dont know if this is an application problem, configuration or just my server need more resources. Following are the specs of the server where the CTM Product resides:


      - Windows Server 2008 R2

      - 8 GB OF RAM

      - 2.8 4 core-processor

      - 80 GB HDD

      - all components are installed on the server(CTM Server, EM, GTW, forecast, BIM and both EM and Server DB)

      - the day to day job counts are around 480-50 jobs per day( 40 of them are ciclyc)

      - The DB is SQL Server 2008 with the autogrowth option on both DB


      Any help will be greatly received.