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    Trying to copy and edit PXE wim

    Chris Coggin

      In Blade Logic I was trying to copy and edit our current x64 production PXE wim. I found the file in it's remote location and copied the whole folder, with a name change, to the same parent folder. 



      In the new folder I used Windows Automated Installation kit (AIK) 2.1 to mount the wim and add new drivers to it.  The drivers were added correctly and I made sure to edit C:\temp\PXE\Mount\Windows\System32\startnet.cmd with "drvload x:\windows\system32\drivers\hp\" [NEW_DRIVER] to make sure the new NIC driver was added.


      I then saved the changes and unmounted the image. Then in Blade Logic and opened:
      1) Configuration > Provisioning Configuration.

      2) Slected the Image Files Tab and hit the plus sign to add a new image.

      3) Selected WinPe 2.0 and above and added the correct information to my new PXE wim.  ( This was the same at the production image just with a slight change in name to point to the new folder)

      4) Made sure the x64 radio button was selected


      I then searched the devices for the MAC Address of the server I was trying to test this new driver on and set it to load the new "Boot Image File" and saved the changes.


      My problem is that when I allow the PXE boot to start on this server, for some reason it is not finding the driver and upon futher investigation I see that it is still pointing back to the old "Boot Image File".  I dont understand how this could be since I have added (and double checked) that the driver is there and that the "Boot Image File" is set properly.


      Any thoughts on where I went wrong?