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    Bladelogic Upgrade from 8.2 SP1 to 8.2 SP2

    Gurneet Singh Chopra



      I just upgraded my Dev Blade logic Application Server from 8.2 SP1 to 8.2 SP2.


      I followed the below sequence:


      (A)    Take relevant back up.

      (B)     Shut down Blade logic Application Server.

      (C)     Upgrade RSCD Agent.

      (D)    Upgrade Application Server.

      (E)     Upgrade Blade logic Console


      After upgrading and consolidated reboot, i am unable to start the Blade logic Application Server. Attached are the appserver and appserverlauncher logs.


      From appserver logs, i see that It says Caused by: com.bladelogic.om.infra.app.bladmin.BlAdminException: The database (version 8.2.01) is incompatible with Configuration Manager (version 8.2.02).


      Do i need to run external scripts now? Any detailed steps for the same? Or do i have to user DB Migration utility? I suppose it is a minor SP level upgrade thus, DB Migration is not required.