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    Simple Script to populate Custom Property

      Hello, I have used a component template to identify systems that i needed to. Now i am trying to do a simple nsh script against a group of target machines to populate the value of a custom property i have created. the script is as follows


      blcli Server setPropertyValueByName <servername> BPPM_INSTALL C_install.ctl


      basically i am new to this and struggling, i need to replace the "<servername>" with the target server name. the script works perfectly if i manually put the server name in but im looking to user some sort of variable that will feed the target server name in. i have tried using $host but when i run the job it just updates the property of the application server the job ran on.


      "BPPM_INSTALL" is the custom property i created and "C_install.ctl" is the value.


      i have also messed with using parameters but i must be doing something wrong. i guess i want to pass the ??SERVER.NAME?? property to the <servername> when i execute the script. i dont think it should be this hard!


      any help is appreciated! thanks!