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    Unable to distribute configuration objects through Distribute Config Obj. Job

    Gurneet Singh Chopra



      I am trying to distribute config. objects (Hardware Information) through DCO Job. However, the job fails even when the Application Server and target server RSCD are on the same version.


      BL Application Server Version:

      RSCD Target Agent Version :


      Please find the attached logs. From the logs, i see that it is trying to copy the file from File Server Location to C:\temp directory of target server.


      However, the directory (65ac1e6e-1f06-4e47-b64a-bc3a2cc7cf9e) it is referring in the file server (source) does not even exist on the mentioned path. I suppose i need to delete the (Hardware Information) from the Server objects in configuration object dictionary and then re-import it.


      Can any one help me with the detailed procedure for the same? I don#t know which asset is to be imported from NSHDIR\br autoimport dictionary.