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    Virtual Guest Job - Error

      Hi all:


            i want to use the VGP to create a vm,the vm can created ok in the vcenter,but the virtual guest job will hangs about 1 hour,and then the job will failed, the error is:



      "Error returned from plug-in ; Plug-in: /BMC_VMware_VirtualInfrastructureManager_win64 ; Plug-in function: blAsset_PutAll ; Plug-in asset: BMC_VMware_VirtualMachineTemplate:<server>:/Templates/<template name> ; Plug-in error code: 100 ; Plug-in error message: Internal error occurred. Index: 1, Size: 1 Please refer agent log for additional details"

      and the info in the bl-vmware.log is:


      [30 十月 2012 16:36:45,542] [Thread-70] [INFO] Response returned

      [30 十月 2012 16:55:46,004] [Thread-5] [INFO] Processing delete asset : win2k3 of type : BMC_VMware_VirtualMachine

      [30 十月 2012 16:56:01,027] [Thread-5] [INFO] Deleted the virtual machine win2k3

      [30 十月 2012 16:56:11,042] [Thread-5] [ERROR] Commit failed

      com.bladelogic.om.virtualization.vmware.VMException: VM deploy from template failed

                at com.bladelogic.om.virtualization.vmware.VMWareWebService.monitorEventState(VMWareWebService.java:5948)

                at com.bladelogic.om.virtualization.vmware.deploy.VirtualMachineCustomizationDeployer.waitForCustomizationToComplete(VirtualMachineCustomizationDeployer.java:104)

                at com.bladelogic.om.virtualization.vmware.deploy.VirtualMachineCustomizationDeployer.deploy(VirtualMachineCustomizationDeployer.java:69)

                at com.bladelogic.om.virtualization.vmware.VMWareDeployService.doDeploy(VMWareDeployService.java:535)

                at com.bladelogic.om.virtualization.vmware.VMWareDeployService.commit(VMWareDeployService.java:273)

                at com.bladelogic.om.virtualization.vmware.VMWareDeployService.deploy(VMWareDeployService.java:159)

                at com.bladelogic.om.virtualization.vmware.facade.VMWareDelegate.processRequest(VMWareDelegate.java:267)

                at com.bladelogic.om.virtualization.vmware.launcher.VMWareServiceLauncher.processRequest(VMWareServiceLauncher.java:84)

      [30 十月 2012 16:56:11,042] [Thread-5] [ERROR] exception while processing request

      [30 十月 2012 16:56:11,042] [Thread-5] [INFO] Response returned


      UPDATE: Based on File attachment policies, a file was removed, see FAQ for more

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          BladeLogic looks out for certain VMware vCenter Events to ensure customization is complete. More specifically, it looks for the 'Customization Completed successfully' event which is generated at the VM level.


          It seems that your vCenter is not generating the 'Customization Completed' event.


          The default behavior of BladeLogic is to wait for this event for an hour. If until that time, BladeLogic does not get this event, it eventually rollbacks the entire transaction deleting the VM as well.


          The most common reason for this event not being generated is your VMware Tools within the Template are not up to date.


          To test this out correctly, what you can do is run a test Clone and Customize directly from vCenter and check if VMware Tools are up to date and also check if the 'Customization Completed successfully' event is being generated in the Events section within Tasks and Events tab for the new VM.


          If you can check this and get back here, it'll be great. You can also meanwhile post your bl-vmware.log file here for further analysis. (Just to check whether my hunch is right or not)

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            Hi Umar Shaikh:

                 thanks  for u answer,i had test this as what u told to me,but the job was still failed。please check the log。

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              The test I meant was to run directly on the vCenter itself. You can completely bypass BladeLogic for that test. We want to just check whether the 'Customization Completed successfully' event was generated? Can you please check that up? Also, looking at the logs, I can see that you're hitting the 1 hour timeout. So definitely the reason for that is the event is not generated.


              Are you VM Tools updated? Can you post a screenshot of the summary page  from the vSphere client of the VM / Template showing the VM Tools status?

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                thank u Umar:


                     please check the screen。the vm which i had created the vm tool was runing.



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                  is there one can help me?

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                    Hi Sanhuo:


                    The VM is having tools up-to date, tools may not be an issues here. Could you go to 'Tasks and Events' tab  of that particular VM and then click on the 'Events' button to see if the Customization event has been triggered. If it has been triggered, please check also if you see the customization event is succeeded. If not then the customization is not getting completed for some reason. Ideally it takes 15 minutes to complete the customization.


                    You may want to check the customization status after 15 - 20 minutes the VM has been started to run the customization, you would know whether it is hung for some reason? I would pull up the VM's console to check the customization status.




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                      Hi Parash:


                         i had check the customization status in the vcenter after the vm create,but the Customization event is complately.





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                        I doubt if the customization completed event is getting triggered. If you are sure about the customization is getting completed, how much time does it take to complete?Is it getting completed before an hour? If yes, could you check the status of the VM before it gets deleted from the VC.




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                          Hi Parash:

                              i had check the history about my event task. the customization was finshed was about 3 minutes after vm clone. and the customization was completed before an hour. i had check the vm status before it gets deleted from the vc,the vm can be used normally.




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                            The one you are checking is tasks window, would you please check the Events window. I have attached the screen shot that shows the customization completed message.Cust-Complete-Event.JPG

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                              Hi Parash:

                              i‘m so sorry to tell you that there is no data in my event tab. maybe there is someting wrong with my vc.



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                                Please get it rectified.


                                Lets try disabling the VM rollback. You could disable the rollback on VM customization failure. You need to change the following flag in vmware.properties file




                                The vmware.properties file should be available in C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BladeLogic\RSCD\vmware. After you change the constant, please restart the RSCD agent and re-run the job. This will retain the VM and we can check the events of the particular VM directly.


                                Also in an hour window, you could directly check for the Tasks and Events of a particular VM not the VC. Please let me know how it goes.

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                                  Thank you Parash,i will try this as soon as possible.

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                                    Hi Parash:

                                       i had try to test as what you  told to me. but i had not found any info in the event.and no matter what i operate this vm,there was no info. so i want to know Whether the issue is caused by this? is there any relation between bbsa and vcenter events information?




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