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    Double spaces in tickets created by email monitor

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      Is there anything we can adjust to stop tickets generated by the email monitor from double spacing nearly all communication?


      I have tried sending test emails as plain text, HTML, RTP - nothing helps. This is probably my number one pet peeve and it's driving me crazy. Add to this, that embeded items e.g., from Excel or word are totally messed up and it's a huge pain. Likewise, having to send embeded items as attachments frustrate the technicians so I end up copying and pasting emails before I send a ticket. Looks nice to the tech but the actual work order looks a mess.


      Here is an example - trauncacted but you get the idea.



      Work Order created via E-mail Monitor Policy: Test   




      From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 


      To: Help@xxxxxxxxxxx <Help> 


      CC: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


      Subject: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx     




      Information submitted 10/29/2012 9:48:55 AM by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


      Please add this agent to CIS:


      Agent Name:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


      Phone: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


      Em: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx











      city etc