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    Deployment Job Package Tab

    Mike Brennan

      Hi all,


      I'm setting up new deployment jobs that will update certain properties within config files.

      I'm using local properties within the package to accept user input for the values.


      My questions is, when I do this and create a deployment job for the package the properties window is really small.  It seems to be limited atm to only display 4 lines until you have to scroll.  This isn't very user friendly as a lot of the screen is grey wasted space.

      Is there anyway to increase the size of this property display.


      If you create a package deploy job with some local properties and then go to the Package tab of the job, you'll see what I mean.


      I've done some searching on the community but could not find any solutions for the above.

      Any help is appreciated.




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          Mike, there is no way to adjust this window without a code fix. I opened the local property window and see what you mean; it could certainly be more user friendly. Here's the feature enhancement tracking number for your reference: RFE QM001771217 - ability to increase the size of local property display in deploy job