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    Deploying MS Office 2012 on servers

      I am trying to use BSA 8.0.07 to deploy MS Office 2012 on several servers. I created an automated installation file and have successfully installed the software using it. Because of the size and number of files in an MS Office 2012 installation (about 3,100), I have created a zip file of everything to be used in my BLPackage. Essentially what I do in the BLPackage is copy the zip file to the local server, unzip the file, run my automated installation, reboot and then cleanup the installation files. Again, all this works if I do everything "manually."


      The problem I am having is that I cannot upload my zip file into BladeLogic. Again, I can copy (and then unzip and run) the file from server to server manually but when I try to upload the file into BladeLogic, it never completes (usually after about 5-6 hours of trying to copy). The compressed file is almost 10 MBytes in size (a full version of MS Office 2012 Professionally needs to be installed on these servers) but I have never had any issues uploading files into BSA before; although, again, I have never tried to upload a single file of this size before.


      I guess my first question is, is there a limit to the size and/or timeout limit of a file that you can upload into BSA and, if so, how can I get around it?


      My second question is, more generally, if anyone has successfully installed MS Office 2012 Professional on a server using BladeLogic and, if so, how?


      Note that using a network install (i.e. mapping a drive on the client servers to a central shared location containing the MS Office 2012 files and installing from there) is not an option. I actually tried that initially but, among other things, network latency issues would cause the job to fail. Indeed, network install attempts not only failed when others where using other tools (such as Microsoft SMS) but also when we tried to just manually map the share and run the install over the network. And while network issues may be a factor in why BSA will not completely upload the compressed file, I should also note that manually copying the file from one server to anohter only takes about 15-20 minutes. That leads me to think that something else is in play.


      Any insights and advise will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.