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    Incomplete and Inconsistent Audit Job Results (BBSA

      Bladelogic (pretty sure that this problem occured under version as well)


      Server Audit job which compares about 40 servers to one master server (compares server objects, iis directories, etc).

      The job runs almost daily. 

      80% of the time produces consistent and complete results (both in the console and in the exported report).


      About 20% of the time for NO apparent reason (checked logs, etc. could not find any clues, problems whatsoever) job results are inconsistent, incomplete:


      if you look at a server's compliant/non compliant summary counts under Server Objects in the Audit results for the job you'll see >0 non-compliant items counts (e.g 10 12 28) , but if you expand the object to look a details all counts will be 0. (e.g. 0 0 0), no data in details.  When audit results are exported to a file the situation is the same - there will be no non-compliant items in the report.



      The job is set to audit 1 server at a time.  The job is executed by multiple job servers (MAS) - sometimes all servers are audited using one job server, sometimes the job spans multiple job servers (on different physical app servers).  I cannot find a correlation between the failures and any specific job server used at the time.


      Any ideas?