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    VRSCD Issues

    Benjamin Hawkins



      I'm having an issue with the vrscd agent and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on possible causes or fixes.


      When trying to add the vcenter servers into bsa I am getting an error message of java.lang.RuntimeException: null db key.


      I can add other servers with the normal rscd agent fine.


      We have tried to uninstall and re-install the agent and we still get the same issue.


      We're currently using bladelogic 8.1.02 and have made sure that any old components, component templates and config properties have been removed.




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          Bill Robinson

          you are using the 8.1.02.xxx  rscd agent that matches the appserver version you are using ?  is there an existing PSI in the virtualization class for this server?  if you try to add this via the blcli you might get a more details error message in the blcli.log.

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            Benjamin Hawkins

            We are using of the rscd agent.


            Using the blcli to add the server we get the following message java.lang.RuntimeException: null db key


            There were some existing connectors for the PSI but when we try to remove it it says it's in use and would we like to mark it as deprecated.


            I've added it to deprecated and it seems to have added in ok again. I need to run some tests for exploring the vm's and also provisioning but that seems to have fixed the problems.