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    SRM: Priority status changes from template


      I've created an application template (Incident) in SRM and set the priority at low.  However, when I submit the Service Request through SRM, the generated Incident shows medium in the priority field.  Is there an override somewhere that causes the original Incident to change?



      Rory R

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          Ashwanth Padmanabhan

          I think by default the priority of the service request is passed in to the incident priority field..so check is your service request what's the priority because if the value is passed then it would not be picked from the template...if this is the case then expose the priority field in the target data and set it to null in your srd..so that no value comes from srm and the value will be picked up from the incident template...

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            Rosemary Ingrey

            Hey Rory,


            I noticed even if I didn't specify an Impact and Urgency in my SRD it was using default values of Medium. This is because the defaults are specified in the Application Target Data form.


            If you make this modification you need to ensure that all Incident Templates being used for Service Requests specify Impact and Urgency otherwise they will error on submit to the Incident Interface form.


            Open the "Application Target Data" form in Remedy User and search for the following two entries. Keep a screenshot or ARX backup of their original settings before you modify them so you can restore to default if necessary.




            Hope this helps!



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              Rosemay, Your solution worked.  Thanks!

              Would you happen to know where the default is PREDEFINED?  No hurry since I have a solution, but it would be nice to know.  Thanks again for your help



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                Rosemary Ingrey

                No problems!


                The default values are coming from the SRM:Request form. If you did as Ashwanth recommended it would be another way of defining Impact/Urgency for your Incident - it just seems a lot easier to be able to specify it in the Incident Template as it's only one step.