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    Provision error



      I am getting this error at the time of  Provising image creation.

      provision error.png

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          Aryan Anantwar

          Hi Lalit,


          The IP shown in this screenshot is it your AppServer/Filserver or the system where BSA Console is installed?


          This error generally comes if the system where you installed the WAIK is not having RSCD agent.

          if the RSCd agent is installed & working fine then, there must eb issue with permission in rscd files.


          please check following things:

          • is the RSCD agent is installed where WAIK is installed.
          • is RSCD is licensed
          • is user mapping is done propely


          also attach the console.log file





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            Jim Wilson

            Hi Lalit,


            Is the issue resolved?

            Please share with the community.


            Thanks & Regards,

            Jim (Forum Admin)