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      • 15. Re: RSCD.exe on Windows - High CPU usage
        Yanick Girouard

        Hi Simon,


        It`s good info but I just wanted to see a screenshot of the Process Explorer showing what RSCD.exe was running (just showing the process tree of RSCDsvc.exe basically). From the extracts, it doesn't look like RSCD.exe is taking any CPU at all or running any child process, unless you're just not showing the right columns... Was it clocking at 100% when you generated the extracts?

        • 16. Re: RSCD.exe on Windows - High CPU usage

          Hi Yanick,


          No it's wasn't at 100% CPU and with a 16 core CPU I would be considerably worried if it had.


          My worry was more based around the high memory usage of the agent even whilst idle.

          You're correct there is only the RSCDsvc.exe, which has started the RSCD.exe process.


          302,000 k seem fairly high, I thought the usual footprint for the RSCD agent is around 6,000K for the RSCDsvc.exe and 14,000 - 16,000k for the RSCD.exe.


          It does seem to creep up slowly, however at around 8 months it seems to his the 1.2 G mark.

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            Yanick Girouard

            It could be a memory leak issue with the agent, but if it is so, the version you are using is no longer supported, so I wouldn't waste time trying to debug it, and I don't believe that BMC will be putting any effort on it either, they will just tell you to upgrade.


            In the meantime, you could schedule a preventive restart of the agent services once a month or so? You can either do it at the OS level using a scheduled task or use agentctl -b restart from a NSH Script Job and trigger it using a BL job.

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              Sean Berry

              If the agent hasn't been restarted in 8 months, is the underlying system not being patched and rebooted?

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                Hi Sean,


                Totally agree all systems should be rebooted, patches applied and then rebooted again every quarter.

                Unfortunately not every company follows that kind of mindset, I think Yanick's idea of a scheduled agent restart seems a good method to follow

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