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    Help: blquery for windows registry keys, not values

      Hi, I'm running BBSA 8.0.  Im trying to extract data on Windows Server HBA's, in particular the World Wide Name.  The world wide name is stored in the registry as a Key, (the Key is something like 6002882002920200200203820111), and under this Key are values. 


      I can extract a value using blquery -h $server -e 'reg_value ("HEY..........) etc

      I can check a key using  reg_key_exists.


      BUT I cant extract a the key's themselves?    ideally I want something that I can specify a partial key, and it describes the keys, underneith that key value?  I attempted to use the 'reg_value' command and specify a partial key, but it does not work?


      Has anyone tried to do this with windows registry using BBSA?