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    BSA Database use case

      Is it possible to migrate an existing database from one environment to another (say from test to prod)  without pointing the appserver to the same db isntance? Thinking about having the dba's replicate the db from one server to another.

      the reasoning being that the test environment is limited in access to the prod target servers but at the same time enough work has gotten into it that we don't want to start with building out a new db instance from scratch in production and start populating it.

      Any thoughts?

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          it's possible, but few things to consider if you're planning to have separate appserver installation as well (which looks like you do)...


          - make a copy of your fileserver storage as well

          - for the new copy of your database you would need to run the 'change fileserver name and location' scripts that we provide (Installation Guide will give you more information about these scripts in the fileserver section)

          - in blasadmin of new appserver instances you'll need to update the database information

          - if you have remove patch repositories, then the new appserver needs to have access (network wise) to them, otherwise those catalogs need to be updated (move the repositories within reach of new appserver, update the location link in the catalog, update catalog

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            Thanks Lazar, that worked! (app/file server was RH Linux, db was oracle.)