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    How manage more than one Incident Response Time with SVT Re-open=No flag

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      I have an SVT configured in this way:

      Term and Condition: .... (not important)

      Start Condition: Status >="New"

      Stop Condition: Status>="In Progress"

      Time: 1 hr




      Incident is created

      Support change status to In progress.

      SVT Stop --> System calculate status (for example Met)


      Incident Status is moved to Assigned, another time.

      I don't want that Service Level is reopen (flag = No), but I want that another Service Level is added to the same incident and time start again from 0 minutes already spent.


      How can I have this behavior?

      Is Reset-Goal the best way?

      How can I configure Data Sources? [is this condition correct 'DB.Status' > "Assigned" AND 'TR.Status'>="New"]