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    EO issue in executing Oracle opatch



      I've created the following EO to help me check Oracle DBMS patching level on Solaris:

      nexec -i -l ??TARGET.HOST?? su - oracle  -c "sh ??TARGET.ORACLE_HOME??/OPatch/opatch lsinventory | grep applied"


      Problem is: on some hosts this EO works well, returning me a line for every Oracle patch applied.

      On some other, though, it doesn't work. Troubleshooting the problem, I've found that, on hosts on which it doesn't work, opatch tool starts with the following line:

      CMD_ID_EXIST=`whereis id`


      I get this error when trying the nexec:

      /data/oracle/product/11.2/OPatch/opatch: whereis: not found


      Obviously, whereis command seems to be not found. Do you know a workaround to solve this?

      I cannot touch opatch file, of course.