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        The error was definitely caused by the permisisons on the form.  I did have the form permissions correct, but the individual fields had wrong permissions.  Thank you for all of your help!

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          Philippe GAONAC'H

          Hi Shane


          I have the same problem

          Can you tell me what are the correct permission to put on AIS:SimulationCIsandBaseElementJoin ?


          Thank you

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            same error here, and I want to add, that the reports which raise the error are working in a different browser, e.g. they don´t work in IE 8 but in Firefox 32.

            Please mention that not all BIRT-reports are covered, some work in both browsers.

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              Sandeep Das

              ARERR 9426 is a generic error and can have a multitude of causes. In our environment, we got the error on some reports. The reason was that we had "Allow Unqualified Searches" set to F on ar configuration file.


              Reports without filter criteria failed with ARERR 9426.

              Reports with filter criteria worked fine. If these reports were run in "Override" mode, then we got ARERR 9426 as now the report was unqualified and the filter criteria wasn't used.


              For the reports that failed , if a filter was added to them later, they worked fine.

              Later when I set "Allow Unqualified Searches" to T, all reports worked (with or without filter).

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                Please check the disk size of the drive where Tomcat is installed on midtier server. It might be full and left with 0 bytes to use (in this case server doesn't find space to run reports).


                I faced the same issue and resolved after clearing some space on the respective drive.


                It may help.

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                  Edison Pioneer

                  Hi Anupam,


                  How do I check if I have configured the mid tier to run web reports?


                  Thanks. Regards.

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