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    Patch Analysis seems to "ignore" Internet Explorer 9

    Steffen Kreis



      on our BSA 8.2.2 environment we maintain Patch Catalogs for Windows Servers.

      Our catalog for Windows Server 2008 additionally contains the following filters.


      IIS                        English

      Internet Explorer    English

      .Net Framework     English

      Visual Studio         English

      Microsoft Windows Server 2008    English

      MSXML                      English

      MDAC Components     English

      CAPICOM                   English


      We are using a customized product_categories.xml in the "Patch Global configuration" to also receive patches for the Windows Server 2008 R2 HPC Edition.


      This has been working great so far, but we are now seeing some odd behaviour on some 2008 R2 HPC servers that have IE 9 installed.


      We are wondering why a certain patch is not found as missing on these servers.

      Therefore we had a look at the trace.txt.

      The expected patch is definetely in the "include" list but it looks like as Shavlik is not scanning for a single IE9 patch as all come up as "did not pass dependency".


      I'm attaching an extract from trace.txt which shows the entries when scanning for product IE9.


      Can somebody explain me, why it is not testing a single one of them ? Lazar ? :-)


      Thanks in advance