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    RKM visibility groups overwrite

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      I am trying to understand if the RKM Solution Assigned team membership overwrites the Visibility groups:


      Here what I have tested on the VM, I will test the same thing tomorrow:


      1. Create visibility group in a company for Knowledge Admins only

      2. Have a non support staff with no Knowledge Admin permission - he cannot see the solution

      3. Add this non support staff Knowledge Admin permission and access restriction to this company - he can see the solution

      4. Remove knowledge admin permission but make him Support Staff, not member of the Support team who created the solution - he cannot see the solution

      5. Add knowledge admin permission (he can be in any group) - he can see

      6. Make him member of the support group that created the solution - HE CAN see the solution, even if he is not Knowledge Admin


      Is this how it should work, that all members of the group to which author belongs see the solution?