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    Troubleshooting BBSA Web Services



      I have switched on Web Services using blasadmin ad restarted blappserv but I cannot seem to connect to it.


      I am using port 9843 and it just fails.


      Does anyone know what could be causing this?



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          Rajankumar Timaniya



          To enable web services please set below basadmin command and restart appserver


          set AppServer enableTomcatService true

          set AppServer enableWebServices true


          During appserver restart, please observ log for - tomcat services successfully


          To make sure BSA web services started, please perform following steps:


          1) Run BSA BLAS command to get https port

               show AppServer HttpsPortNumber

          2) Open browser and send request


               If you get valid response then BSA webservices is working fine.


          Hope this will help you.

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            I have found some BMC Documentation that specifies this is listening on 10843 for CLM which seems to be responding on!


            Even though the config shows 9843.


            Its working now.