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    Call Control-M Job in Bladelogic

    Robert Stinnett

      So from Control-M we can call a Bladelogic job, but we want to do the opposite.  We want to invoke a Control-M job from within Bladelogic.  The idea here is that there are certain scripts that must run, and certain executables, that exist in our environment.  We don't just want them run "willy nilly" and we don't want to end up maintaining 2 different scheduling platforms.  Control-M offers us capabilities the scheduler in Bladelogic does not.


      Our flow is this  Provision Server->Run some BL Packages->Invoke Control-M job->Run some more BL packages->End


      Is there any mechanism to call Control-M directly; or is there a way to invoke a webservice call from Bladelogic (to hit the Control-M webservice).


      Any advice appreciated!

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          Yes this is posible use :




          ctmorder -TABLE <Table|SMART Table|Table Path> -NAME    <job name|sub table name>

          -ODATE <scheduling date>

          [-FORCE <y|n>]

          [-HOLD  <y|n>]

          [-SEQNO <job sequence number>]

          [-INTO_TABLE_ORDERID <{SMART table order id}|LAST|ALONE|NEWT]>


          [-DEBUG    <debug level 0-5> ]

          [-QUIET  ]

          [-AUTOEDIT <varname> <expression> ]




          example: ctmorder -TABLE TEST -NAME CYCLIC01 -ODATE 20120927

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            Hi Robert,


            You can execute Control-M Jobs using AO workflow jobs in Bladelogic Server Autoamtion.


            For that you need to do AO configuration and then import Control-M AO Modules in BBSA.


            After that create an workflow job in BBSA to execute the required Control-M Job.


            Create a batch job and add jobs in order as per your required flow.


            If you want to try other way then go with above solution create an NSH script with above command and then create NSH script job instead of workflow job and add it to batch job.