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    BladeLogic Requirements for Patching

    Justin Dettmann



      We are about to implement BladeLogic in production exclusively for patching (AIX,HP-UX, Solaris,Linux and Windows)


      Will the software and hardware requirements listed at the following links be able to manage 1600 RCSD agents?






      Also, for the SQL Databases, what is the recommended specs and settings? Will they be the same as the minimum requirements in the documentation?


      Any assistance will be appreciated.




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          Bill Robinson

          It all depends ☺


          What matters is how fast you need your jobs to run and how many concurrent users you have.  what’s listed in the table should be fine for 1600 agents in general, but if you have some requirement like ‘must patch 1600 servers in 20 min’ you might need more capacity (job servers).


          Also for all of those OSes you will need:

          - HPUX helper

          - AIX helper

          - RedHat Helper (if your appservers are windows)

          - Windows Helper (if your appservers are linux/solaris)


          There’s more about sizing here:



          I’m surprised the db sizing info isn’t in that link – I’ll track that down.. iirc the recommendations was something like 16g of memory, 100g disk for the blade db.

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            Sean Berry

            Things I like to ask when talking about patching:


            How does your server population break down by OS?  How many of your 1600 are Windows, vs. Linux, etc.


            What's your current tempo or pace of patching?  Monthly for Windows and quarterly or semi-annually (twice a year) for UNIX is pretty typical. 


            How are you patching now?  Are you using an automated process, or is it done manually, host-by-host?  How often are you patching now? 


            Will you use the "latest" patches for a given platform, do you want to "freeze" whatever the latest critical patches were on a given day, and move that policy through the server population, starting on dev and working up to prod and DR servers? 


            How many sets of maintenance windows do you have for your server populations?  How many machines can be patched in one maintenance window, and do you need to segregate components of a given service to either patch them all together, or keep half of a given service up and running (or work through the farm, to take only 10% of your web capacity down at any given time)?


            Do you have many machines in remote locations, and do you need to stage the payloads for patching ahead of time?  Will you be patching many machines in several different data centers?

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              Soundappan Shanmugam

              Better go for a good configuration



              32 GB RAM

              Quadcore Processor

              50 GB C:

              50 GB D: --> Application

              100 GB E: --> DB


              Don’t use Sun Servers, better to choose HP/IBM/Dell ones for hardware..






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