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    Cannot Browse Virtual Inventory in vCenter

    Yudi Maryanto

      I have installed RSCD agent on vCenter server and I have added it to BSA Console. I can browse its components like Application, Configurations, File System, etc. But I cannot browse its virtual inventory. I don't see Cluster, Virtual Machine, Hosts, etc in the LIve Browse. Is there any configurations that I missed? Here is my environment:


      Application Server:

      - BSA

      - Running on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition SP2 (32bit)



      - RSCD

      - Windows Server 2008 Standard (64 bit)

      - vCenter v5.0.0 Build 434157


      Here I attach screenshots of my Live Browse and Agent Info

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          Afzal Shaikh

          Did you distribute the CO on Virtual Center?


          From the image it seems it is NOT.



          - Afzal Shaikh


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            Shashibhushan Gokhale

            The steps are given in great detail in documentation. Pasting them below for ready reference:


            Adding the vCenter server to BMC Server Automation

            This topic provides instructions for adding the vCenter server to BMC BladeLogic Server Automation.

            1. From within the BMC Server Automation Console, add the vCenter server as a managed server to a server group (right-click a server group and select Add Server ).
            2. Select Configuration > Property Dictionary View.
            3. Browse the Built-in Property Classes > Connection class.
            4. Click the Instances tab.
            5. Create a Connection instance using the following naming convention:
              For example, if your vCenter server was added into BMC Server Automation with the name prodvcs02.example.local, you would name the instance Connection_prodvcs02.example.local. This new instance contains the connection details for the vCenter server.


              Your user role must have the appropriate RBAC permissions to create the Connection instance, otherwise the association between the instances will not be created and the server will not be enrolled.


            6. Set the following properties for the new Connection instance you created:


              Property Value
              CONNECTION_URL Enter the web URL of the SDK of the vCenter server (for example, https://<vCenterServerName>/sdk). Note: This name should match the VMware vCenter server name registered in BMC Server Automation.
              CONNECTION_USER Enter the name of an administrator of VMware vCenter, or another user with required privileges.

              If you need to provide a domain name with the username, enter it here as <domainName\userName>.
              CONNECTION_PASSWORD Enter the password of the user that is mentioned in the above property.


            7. Save the instance.
            8. Distribute the vCenter configuration object on the vCenter server:
              1. From the BMC Server Automation Console, navigate to the Jobs folder.
              2. Right-click a job group and select New > Administration Task > Distribute Configuration Objects.
              3. Provide a name for the Job and click Next.
              4. Expand the Global Configuration Objects list, select the VMware vCenter Server object, and add it to the Selected Configuration Objects section. Click Next.
              5. On the Targets panel, select the agent installed on the vCenter host.
              6. Click Finish, and execute the job. For details, see Distributing configuration objects.


                If you receive the following message when running the Distribute Configuration Objects Job:
                “Warning: no applicable classes for target <vCenterServerName>”
                run a New > Administration Task > Update Server Properties Job against the vCenter server, and then run the Distribute Configuration Objects again.


            You can now use the BMC Server Automation Console to Live-browse the server and access the Virtual Center node. For details on adding a server and setting its properties, see Adding a server to the system.



            Hope it helps.




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              Yudi Maryanto

              Yes, you are right. I have not configure and deploy Configuration Object. Thanks for pointing me to the document

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                Abhijeet Deshpande

                Hi Shashibhushan,


                I followed all the steps but I am unable to see Virtual Inventory. I am not been able to see the Cluster etc. in the Live Browse.VMWare vCenter Server.png



                Abhijeet Deshpande