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    Windows Patching with different languages

    Jim Campbell

      At present we patch only English servers using a Catalog with English filters only.  We use a patch catalog smartgroup with all of the Bulletins and a few hotfixes designated by name (e.g. Windows Bulletin where Name is one of 'MS12-001, MS12-002, etc'. )  What changes would we have to make to accomodate patching of servers that use different languages?  Do we only have to enable the filters for the same products we currently have enabled but with different languages, or do the smartgroup criteria need to change as well?


      Would we need to use separate patch analysis jobs or could we use a single analysis job targeted on a list of servers that include both English servers and servers in other languages?

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          Jim, Yes, in Catalog you will need to enable the filter for the same product but different language.


          Your Smart Group does not need to be altered, as it will pull both languages for your bulletins. If you only wish to filter one language, then you will need to adjust it. I believe the hotfix name will be altered with the language abbreviation, so you can add another condition 'where hotfix name contains [lng abbreviation].


          One PAJ is sufficient.

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            Jim Campbell

            When I look at Bulletins in a catalog with Spanish filters enabled they look exactly the same with the exception of the list of hotfixes including both 'en' and 'es' hotfixes.  It looks like this just means that for the same bulletin object it simply includes a larger list of hotfixes to scan as a part of that bulletin?  Is this something the shavlik scanner just sorts out on the client side?


            Similarly for those hotfixes we do apply we have typically just used a criterion of 'Hotfix where QNumber is one of '123456', '234567', etc'  In this case it appears to filter all of the potential executables for both en and es so it doesn't seem like we would need to change anything assuming the shavlik engine on the targets handles the differentiation.


            In terms of the agent, does it matter what language is used for the agent install on the target servers?  It doesn't appear as if there are many selections but as long as the engine applies the appropriate patch we probably don't need the agent to be in the localized language (does this determine log files and what gets sent back to application server for job results?).

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              Yes, the Bulletin group simply expands, that's why you would need additional condition (example in previous post) if you only want to view specific language patches.


              Yes, Shavlik will sort this at the scan time. It retrieves the OS language from the target server during analysis scan and can only apply relevant patches.


              No, language of the agent install does not matter. Shavlik analysis engine takes care of language at the scan time, and you should only see correct patches in the results of the analysis job.