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    Documentation of IOAAPI request types and parameters

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      Hi All --


      I am a mainframe developer at a company that is switching from CA-7 to BMC's Control-M product, Switchover in Product occurs later this month,


      We have a company overseeing the installation for us, and I have had a hard time finding FULL documentation on the mainframe Control-M batch facilities

      ( JCL samples, utilities that ship with the product, etc.)


      I have an app that runs under a web browser and displays daily job info on how last night's Batch cycle ran, what jobs ran late or amended, etc.


      I need to know MUCH more about the Control-M LOG facility and the records that are cut. Control-M has a batch API, IOAAPI, that should pick out log records by date but not by job name (as far as I  can tell).  I was given the name of one IOAAPI extract record type (SPY281I) to use but when I try to extract a full 24 day's records I get only jobs run between 8 AM  and 2 PM, and find no data on some jobs that ran in this window of time and should be on the log.


      Thus I cannot come anywhere near using the IOAAPI LOG output as a CA-7 replacement.


      Can anyone point me to where I can find full documentation of INCONTROL and the IOAAPI program ??


      Thanks much to anyone who knows and responds to this question,.....