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    Bladelogic Script for Sudoers on Linux

      hi Guys,


      I have noticed that if i create a new Bladelogic NSH Script (3rd type option) with this content:




      echo "DC = \"$DC\" >> /etc/sudoers


      The related job run on a Linux Server always fails:


      /var/tmp/stage/script_DBKey-SJobKeyImpl-2007518-1__a7e6784c-244c-4b66-93bb-e8572125ac97.2000283.1_format_disk.sh: line 10: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `"'

      /var/tmp/stage/script_DBKey-SJobKeyImpl-2007518-1__a7e6784c-244c-4b66-93bb-e8572125ac97.2000283.1_format_disk.sh: line 11: syntax error: unexpected end of file


      My scope is to understand if it's possible to modify the /etc/sudoers file with a Bladelogic script (i know that that entry doesn't mean nothing in the sudoers )

      For sure the RSCD Agent is mapped to work as root so i don't have grants problem on Linux OS side.


      Any hint?