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    Patch Analysis issue in Bladelogic



      Patch analysis job is getting failed in bladelogic.


      Please find the attached screenshots below:



      screen shot 1.JPG


      Product Name/ Version / Patch : BBSA /7.6

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          Bill Robinson

          What specifically are you doing when you get the first error?  And the first error is the first error you see, the 2nd?


          Do you see any similar messages in the appserver log when this happens?


          Was this environment perhaps a clone of another install ?

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            The error message suggests that the role that runs the job does not have access to fileserver. In 7.6 shavlik metadata is stored in <fileserver>/templates folder. During Analysis before attempting to download the latest shavlik copy, we check if the latest on already exists - this is where your job seems to fail.


            Although "connection refused" implies that the agent is not even running, and if the fileserver agent not running, the the appserver cannot run.  Catch-22 here..


            Make sure you can write to templates directory. Feel free to empty it/recreate it.

            Reproduce the issue and review rscd.log on the fileserver.

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              Jim Wilson

              Hi Rakesh,


              Did this get resolved?


              Thanks & Regards,

              Jim (Forum Admin)