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    devices to provision windows

      I am provisioning via a bootable usb drive windows 2008 r2.

      If i enter the ip and dns information for the device in the system package being used (under the network tab) the provisioning job completes successfully and the agent  gets enrolled in the console. so no problems there.

      If however i check the radio button in the system pacakge that says "obtain ip address automatically" and instead enter the ip address of the device to be provisioned in the provisioning job to be used then the provisioning job is successful but the agent enrollment fails. It does not pick up the ip info from the provisioning job which is weird beacuse it does pick up the name. (i am referencing a property of the mac address for the name in the system package, i am not hard coding it in the system package).

      Shouldn't the provision job settings override the system package settings? i would like to keep reusing the same system package just change the devices in the provisioning job.

      any thoughts?