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        LJ LongWing


        I'm sorry to tell you, but you won't find anything (that I can tell) in the driver program that can help you.  I have just looked (since you posted your reply) extensively through the API Docs (Java) and the only reference even made to an ARX file in those documents are the ability to archive form data to ARX or ARXML data (which isn't an option in the GUI BTW (I love finding things like that)).  Being driver is nothing more than an implementation of the API, I don't really expect there to be anything in it to be able to export to ARX...but certainly, by all means look, and if you DO find it, let me know because I love learning new things.


        You did however make me think 'outside the box'...so here is some OOTB thinking.


        You CAN create an Active link 'OpenWindowAction' action that opens a report.  Given the proper information, that AL Action (attached to a proper AL), would be able to generate the report through Mid-Tier...SO, if you were willing to create a program that would create an AL on a specially designed form, then log onto Mid-Tier to get that AL to execute, then the OpenWindow action would fire, and generate the ARX file for you.


        This is a bit of a 'cheat' because you would be creating a client that invokes another client to do the work for you, but it would theoretically be possible.  You would even be able to do it without flushing the mid-tier cache if you created the form with a random form name, created the AL with proper actions, then ran the Mid-Tier to get your reports, then deleted the form.


        This approach would of course have a server impact, but would likely get you the reports you need without needing to create an ARX Generator

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          Misi Mladoniczky



          Why can you not use an external tool? I will certainly be safer than building a java-program if you are not an expert.


          As for RRR|Chive, it is free to use. If you want to run a supported program, you can sign up for support from RRR.


          As for driver, it is unsupported. It can not produce ARX files. It is low level API, which makes it a little hard to use.


                   Best Regards - Misi, RRR AB, http://rrr.se

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            Hi Misi


            Actually the opereation I have talked about (DB) Copy was done by some one else, But now its comming to me ,And I am too lazy to export data from 7-8 forms ..I will prefer writing a code ....Why  not a external tool?...Because it is my initiative to ease down my work and make the process a bit smart...My firm is very particular about the softwares we are using (even browsers) , So they will not pay for anything ......Hope I have replied ur q Misi and as far as ARX format is considered ..I am enhancing my java skills ane m sure . soon I will implement it..Thanks for ur valuable comments..




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              Hi ij


              well it seems very complex ,As far as ARX format is considered, I have started working on it and in the same time I am enhancing my java skills...m sure soon i will break it..Just have one doubt ..Why thr is not API for data export..do BMC considers this as a security issue .........

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                LJ LongWing

                Just purely a guess, but I believe that the API's purpose is to interact with the server and its structures, not necessarily allow you to build a 'client'.  Running a report and exporting data to file has always been a client function for Remedy...so I suspect they expect the client to implement the logic to do that....same thing with reading Def files...there is nothing in the API to interpret the contents of a def file either.

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                  Laurent Matheo

                  Indeed. I would be in your shoes, I would moan and groan first to use existing and solid tools.

                  Then if my project manager is hard headed, I would code my own format for import / export rather than reinventing arx format.

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                    LJ LongWing


                    You bring up a good point.  It's entirely possible for Avinash to simply dump the serialized entry list to file, and then pick it up on the other side and loop through the records and create/merge them onto the destination server....no actual need to have them in a human readable format.

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                      Misi Mladoniczky



                      As stated, you can use RRR|Chive for free.


                      A browser is a much bigger application than a Command Line Tool to export Remedy data.


                              Best Regards - Misi, RRR AB, http://rrrs.ee

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                        Jarl Groneng

                        Quite old thread to reply to. LJ LongWing


                        You can use runmacro.exe (runmacro) to export data to arx format.


                        runmacro.exe -o <outputFileName>-x <serverName> -U <userName> -P <password> -f <form> -t {arx|csv|xml} -q "'Submitter'=\"tester\" AND ('Create Date' >|\"5/9/2007\" AND 'Create Date' < \"5/16/2007\")"


                        ANd you can use dataimport to load where you want

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                          LJ LongWing

                          Interestingly enough, with Curtis Gallant's help, I was able to write a Java code partially utilizing BMC code that generates an ARX based on a provided query....so, I was correct so many years ago, that it's a client issue, but there is already a client written that does it that can be incorporated into other Java code without the need to do a run-process type of action

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                            Ganesh Gore

                            There is OOTB arexport command line utility available to do this job. I am surprised  that it is not event mentioned in this thread.


                            Exporting data by using the AR Export command-line utility - BMC Remedy Action Request System 8.0 - BMC Documentation

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                              Curtis Gallant

                              That is just a front-end to the same java classes that LJ mentioned in his reply, useful if you don't mind running actual command line utility but sometimes you need to incorporate the functionality as part of another tool, then it's easier just importing in the BMC classes this uses and programatically make it do what you want

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