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    BSA 8.2 Compliance Content download


      I tried to download CC from EPD, but I get this message:

      BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite - Base License 8.2.02 is a controlled product


      This version of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Solution is in the Select Market Availability (SMA) program. Nominations for the SMA program are now closed. You will be able to get full access to this version once the product and documentation is generally available. Till then, you can download the latest generally available version. If you have questions, please contact Thom_Bailey@bmc.com or email Product_Distribution@bmc.com with your Company Name and the Product you need. If you are a participant in the SMA program, please input the password to continue with the download:


      Please input the product password to continue with the download:


      Obiously, I don't have password but I need this package.

      How can I get it?