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    JOB_PART_TIMEOUT on a generated Patch-Deploy job seems to be ignored

    Steffen Kreis



      i would like to explain a scenario that we are facing regarding JOB_PART_TIMEOUT for a generated Patch-Deploy Job for Windows targets.

      The environment we are having those probs is 8.2 SP1 P2.


      From what we see the root-cause of that whole topic is that obviously the "JOB-PART-TIME" on a generated Patch-Deploy job is beeing ignored.


      We set the JOB-PART-TIMEOUT on a Patch-Deploy job to 60 minutes.

      We do that by specifiying it under the "Deploy Job Properties" on the "Remediation Options" tab of a Patch-Analysis job.


      - So in the example i have in front of me, we ran a Patch Analysis against a larger group of servers.

      - 6 Servers were missing the exact same patches, so a single Remediation-Package and Deploy-Job combination was created for them.

      - Looking at the properties tab of that generated the Deploy-Job it has correctly set 60 for the JOB_PART_TIMEOUT

      - The deploy job for those 6 servers was running fine for 5 sevrers and got stuck on 1 server.

      - EXPECTATION: Due to the PART-TIMEOUT beeing set to 60 minutes, we would expect that the Deploy-Part for that single server that was stuck will be cancled after 60 minutes.

      - PROBLEM: But instead of the PART-TIMEOUT for that Deploy-Job happening, we run into the OVERALL 180 minutes JOB-TIMEOUT of the surrounding BATCH-Job that triggers our Patching-Analysis including some PRE and POST jobs.



      Has anybody seen that problem before ?