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    RSCD agent for HP-UX and AIX



      Where can I download the RSCD agent for HP-UX and AIX servers?


      Thanks in advance,

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          See this link- https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/public/bsa82/Obtainingtheinstallation+files


          You need login for EPD.  Download the relevant version files from there. The link above has details.

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            Bill Robinson

            From the EPD, the same place you downloaded the agent for the other OSes we support.  Do you not see those OSes listed ?  Do you have those OSes included in your EPD profile ?

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                             Select_AIXand HPUX.bmp

              Creating/Managing EPD Profiles

              1. First time users will need to Create Master Profile Preferences on the Profiles Tab

              2. Returning users can create and manage EPD Profiles on the Profiles Tab

              3. Master Profiles are automatically set-up using existing associated Support IDs

              4. Set your Profile Filter Preferences select the appropriate check boxes Localized Languages and Install Platforms

              5.Select Aix and HPUX in the craeted profile.


              Product Download and Management

              1. Verify desired profile is displayed. If not, click on the dropdown arrow to “Select Profile”

              2. Screen displays all available products associated to your selected EPD profile.

              3. Expand product selections by clicking on the “+” sign preceding the product name.

              4. Find desired product and version, and click within the “” to select all or individual items to download.

              5. Scroll to bottom of page and select appropriate Download Management type.

              6. An Email containing download information will be sent when “Download FTP” is selected.

              7. When selecting “Download Manager” first time users are required to install the Akamai download management software.

              8. After installation is complete, download will begin. Note: Pause and Resume features are available, if you select

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                Thanks! Now I can see the AIX and HP-UX installers.