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    Config file contents


      I need to create an audit job to check a list of configuration files of Solaris.

      I need to analyze the contents of these files, in order to check if the same lines are present. As a requisite, I don't need lines present in the same order as in the master file.

      Is it correct to create a component template with these config files as parts, and then create the relative snapshot + audit job?



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          Ashitosh Wagh

          Hi Stafano,


          You need to create Component Template, Add filePart to these template. Create Components manually or by Discover Job. Create snapshot Job and execute it. After the successful snapshot job , Create Audit job where you want to check files with master snapshot . and Execute Audit Job.


          On audit Job run in serverview leaf nodes are showing changes with master and host tables.




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            Hi Stefano,


               You can also alternatively create an "Audit Job" from Server Objects. Simply live browse the "master" agent and Traverse to the configuration file you desire to select for auditing from "Configuration" node and right click it & choose "Audit". In this audit job , you can also add more configuration files from the master agent and finally execute it against multiple targets. Thus , if there is any difference between the master agent and the host agents configuration file contents , in the audit job results node you can view the difference from the "Server View"




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              Ashitosh Wagh

              Hi Stefano,



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