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    work space clean up for decommissioning servers

    Iain Taylor

      Hi I am putting a script together to clean up the workspace when decommissioning a server from bladelogic, this includes deleting specific jobs that are created via AO I have most of it working but the only job that I cant seem to clear down is a "ProvisioningJob"


      Does anyone know if there is a command such as

      blcli_execute WorkflowJob deleteJobByGroupAndName "joblocation" "servername"

      for the Provisioning job?


      I have tried blcli_execute ProvisioningJob deleteJobByGroupAndName "joblocation" "servername" but I get "Command execution failed" "Name space ProvisioningJob has no commands by the name : deleteJobByGroupAndName"


      I have had a look through the blcli help file but cant seem to find anything relevant.


      Many thanks in advance