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    Capture returned value of blcli_connect

      I am trying to capture the returned value of a blcli_connect command. This command returns zero for a successful connection, non-zero for unsuccesful. I am only interested in unsuccessful connection attempts. I would prefer to store the return result as an environment variable, but any option will work.


      I am an absolute beginner to Blade Logic and the blcli command set, but I am not new to scripting, so I should be able to follow any help anyone offers.


      Using the following statements:


      #!/bin/nsh blcred cred -acquire -profile -username -password
      blcli_setoption authType SRP
      blcli_setoption roleName
      blcli_setoption serviceProfileName
      ***Capture returned value***


      Host: Windows Server 2003


      Thanks for any help.


      Kevin Dunphy