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    BSA Provisioning question



      I have read the link ( https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/public/bsa82/Bare+metal+provisioning+tasks+and+stages)  which talks about the flow of BSA Provisioning , still  have some doubts in mind:-


      What is the idle why to configure DHCP , PXE , TFTP , datastore server? Should be on same host with all the featuers? I know at the time of installation it asks for separate DHCP host?


      What about PXE , TFTP ? Should be on same host where Datastore server has been configured?



      What is the idle way to configure pxe components in prod environment with best performance?


      1 DHCP server per VLAN / DC ??

      1 PXE ,TFTP per VLAN / DC ??

      1 Datastore per VLAN / DC ??





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          Bill Robinson

          if all your vlans are in the same physical location (good bandwidth) then you can have a single pxe/tftp/datastore server serving all vlans as long as you can setup ip-helpers to forward broadcasts to the pxe server and the targets can get to the tftp server.


          if you have multiple physical locations w/ poor bandwidth then you need to have a pxe/tftp/datastore at each location and they should be syncronized so the content is the same.


          you don't need to locate the dhcp, datastore or pxe/tftp on the same box - there's not really a 'right' answer.  putting the datastore and pxe/tftp on the same box usually makes sense and typically you already have dhcp in the environment.

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            Thanks for your valuable help Bill for sure

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              One more query...


              If we have dedicated VLAN that is spanned to multiple DCs , do we need separate DHCP require? Or Centralized DHCP can also work with ip-helpers settings? 


              I have doubt with the setup


              2 DC ( 1 Data store at each DC )


              Do i need to setup 2 DHCP in each DC or Single DHCP either DC and set ip-helpers with correct PXE/TFTP/Datastore ( Repeater) Server info ??


              Please suggest.



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                Hi All,


                Any help on the above query would be really appreciated.



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                  Bill Robinson

                  if it is the same subnet, then you only need a single dhcp and pxe, but you may want to have multiple datastores.  are you sure it is the same subnet across multiple data centers ?  i'm not sure how you are using 'vlan' in this context.


                  dhcp is broadcast traffic, so that will not go outside of a subnet.  you can use a ip-helper to forward this traffic to a dhcp server in a different subnet (instead of multi-homing the dhcp server).

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                    Thanks Bill for your help.


                    Now Expected Design looks like:-


                    1. There is Centralized APP Server (Windows 2k8) in 1st DC.
                    2. Not spanning single VLAN / subnet across the DC / wan link.
                    3. Separate provisioning subnet in both DCs for build room.
                    4. Placing DHCP / PXE / TFTP / Data store Servers  separately in both DCs build room.
                    5. Open Ports for ( APP / FS / Database ) for the build room.


                    Is that apporach fine?



                    Questions for #3:


                    1. Will DHCPs automatically find out respective PXE/TFTP server in the provisioning subnet? If yes then how? As we will configure DHCPs and give ports / ip details of APP server only , but no details for PXE?


                    2. Which OS I should recommend for datastore / DHCP? Win/ Linux? Or either Ok?


                    3. For better performance in PROD environment , keeping two hosts per DC, one for DHCP and other for  PXE/TFTP/datastore?





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                      Bill Robinson

                      That should be fine.


                      Datastore doesn’t really matter.  dhcp can be on the same box as pxe/tftp and the datastore.  that should not be an issue.

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                        Thanks once again for all your help Bill .. . ... You are Bhagwan (God) of Bladelogic


                        Still one question remains in mind for Data store?


                        Which OS is good for Datastore Linux / windows?


                        If i opt Linux then i can sync up Datastore servers in all DCs via rsync Linux command ... What about Windows?


                        I can see there is an option via BSA File Deploy Job? Is it?


                        If i choose windows OS for all Datastore and sync up all datastore in multiple DCs via File Deploy Job then will it update the incremental or all the full data and consume lot of network bandwidth?


                        Should it be Daily / Night / Weekly basis?



                        My apologies if my query is not clear.

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                          Hi All,


                          Any help / suggestion on this?



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                            Bill Robinson

                            You can use a file deploy job to do the sync.  It should be able to do the incremental update – look in the options for the job.  the fdj is basically a front end for the ‘dsync’ or ‘ndsync’ commands, which work very similarly to rsync.