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    rscd agent cannot be installed as port 4750 is used by other application

    Prabhukumar Uthamaraj


      We tried installing the RSCD agent on a handful of linux servers, where we have another program running in these servers which uses port 4750.The installation stuck and there is no log files created. how can we install RSCD agent on this server to run along the other application using 4750.





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          The port is listed in the c:\windows\rsc\recure (or /usr/list/rsc/secure) file. Example:

          RSCD entry - specifies which port the agent is running on on a given server.
          DEFAULT entry - specified which port should be used to make NSH connections to other targets running RSCD agent. Technically DEFAULT port value on the client machine should match the RSCD port value on the remove machine running the Agent.

          The port can be modified by simply editing the secure file and restarting the agent, or via secadmin utility command:
          # secadmin -a <target> -r 4747
          In this case the port on the <target> will be changed to 4747


          See the kb: https://kb.bmc.com/infocenter/index?page=content&id=KA361858


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            Just to add to the post (also because it's not well covered in the kbs), here's in-the-nutshell configuration for your appserver to talk to this specific host:


            target side c:\windows\rsc\recure (or /usr/list/rsc/secure):


            default: ... leave it as is, it's not used ...



            appserver side c:\windows\rsc\recure (or /usr/list/rsc/secure):

            append this line to the file:



            If you modify 'default' entry, then your appserver will talk to all targets on that 'default' port, it's not what you want - you just want to override the default 4750 for one of the targets, and you do it by appending a line.

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