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    What is best practices for Class and Tiers for PIV-I cards and card reader?

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      PIV-I Card = Personal Indentity Verification - Interoperable  Card.  For authenticating inidviduals.  It's like a badge, with the addition of a smart card that contains certificates and other indicators.


      After reviewing "Mapping Your Data to BMC Atrium CMDB 7.6.04 Classes.pdf", I am thinking that it would be the following, with examples in the product name and manufacturer:


      CLASS:  BMC_Card

      TIER 1/2/3:  Hardware / Card / PIV-I Card

      Product Name:  XTec AuthentX Credential Management System

      Manufacturer:  XTec


      CLASS:  BMC_Equipment

      TIER 1/2/3:   Hardware/ Facilities / Access Control Reader

      Product Name:  Xtec Model XXXXX Access Control Reader

      Manufacturer:   XTec



      Is the above plausible? 


      CARD:  should Tiers be Hardware / Card / Other, and then use Primary Capability?


      CARD READER:  should we create a custom class?