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    Data store - HW specification

      Do we have any h/w spec for BBSA   Data store server , I mean for concurrent building 10-20 bare metal servers how much RAM / CPU  /NIC should be there?

      I have checked some docs at site, but did not find what exactly the RAM / CPUs / NIC sizing inofo for Data store servers for pxe installation .


      we are planning to test 2-3 concurrent bare metal servers, we may plan to use this box for Prod provisioning which might be having 10-20 servers concurrently.


      So I doubt if 20 connections send to single Data store for getting download ISO images create problem somewhere in Network / RAM / CPUs side of the single data store server with 1GB NIC?


      we have a  Data store: RAM 8 GB / 1 xeon CPU , HDD 200 GB  . will this configuration be sufficient to scale up the Provisioning system if we have to build say 30 servers concurrently?


      Also we have a Appserver with RAM 8 GB / 1 xeon CPU , HDD 200 GB  spec, which I would like to know how it can be scaled up to provision many servers as mentioned above.


      Please suggest.