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    Automation of Incident Monitoring

      Hi there!


      I am a part of IT/IS Support and we have to monitor the incoming incidents continuously. Is there a way in Remedy On Demand by which we can do a little automation in this area?

      Is there an inbuilt feature in Remedy On Demand through which we can send an alert to the mailboxes of the service team (like my team) whenever a CRITICAL or HIGH ticket comes in the queue?

      If I remember, BMC Remedy had a feature to fire emails/alerts depending on some criteria. Can we set the criteria in Remedy on Demand so as to fire emails when  Crtitical/High ticket comes, if yes, then how? Need help.

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          Anne Brock

          Absolutely it can be done; but I don't know who does your administration work since you're on Remedy on Demand. A business rule can be built that when a critical or high comes in, fire off an email. Might even be possible to do through the NTE notifications forms, not sure on that. (If so wouldn't even need a business rule.)



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            Hi Anne,

            Is there any other way to do this automation if one doesn't have the admin rights? Something from within the application itself? How to do it through NTE Notification form on Remedy On Demand and where will I find this form in it?


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              Anne Brock

              If you have the proper access, you can access the NTE forms such as


              NTE:SYS-Define NT Events


              and those might work for you; you can get to them with the web client,  you don't  need Dev Studio.


              I recommend reading the ITSM Notification Engine Guide from support to get information on how to use the notification engine and to see if it will work for you.



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                In my opinion NTE forms will give you limited options to control the flow of emails.


                A quick solution to your requirement is to create workflows on the incident form which can trigger emails on submit of a critical/high ticket. You will be able to choose the format of the email and decide the recipients for that email.


                For doing this you can contact the OnDemand Customer Support who will have a technical SME get in touch with you and do this for you. (Ofcourse if you have purchased REH - Remote Enhancement Hours). Alternatively you can get in touch with the BMC sales rep to purchase the REH.


                Hope this information is useful to you.



                Thanks & Regards,

                Vineet Bhargava