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    Compliance rule on spfile.ora


      I'm dealing with a problem in creating a compliance rule that states if my Oracle spfiles are acceptable or not.

      Problem is: on the same host, I may have different Oracle DB Instances with different names, so in my $ORACLE_HOME/dbs directory I will have, for instance, spfileINSTANCE1.ora and spfileINSTANCE2.ora.

      From BL Console, I need to create a compliance rule that checks inside these file if a certain row is present and, if it is, that its value is a certain value.

      Because of this, I need to parse spfiles as configuration files (I checked nspv.gm grammar and it works) but I can't use wildcard * to tell BL to treat all spfiles in dbs directory as configuration files. I also tried EO, but wildcard still seems to be not accepted.

      Going the other way, I inserted, in my Component Template, dbs directory, including all files that starts with spfile (so, include list is spfile*).

      Once I discover using this template, I still don't get my spfiles. In addition to that, using this way I don't know then how to create the compliance rule to check the lines I need to check.


      Help is most appreciated.