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    BNA and DSP profiles

    Mukesh Agarwal



      we have enabled the option to allow user name and password as per the attached image .however it hardly takes the user name and password and always takes the DSP profile to connect to device - we would like to check why so - when it prompts for user name and password why does it looks for a DSP and if yes why it takes DSP profile to connect to device -


      Also we have tried passing a wrong user name which is not  configure on device -however snapshot job was successfull as it got thorugh DSP attached to the device.


      This is also making some issue as we are not able to track who is doing what on the device -


      is this a bug on BNA or we are missing some settings which is taking DSP profile by default -

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          Your device is attached with the DSP, so even if you choose source of device UN and PWD enter at job time, and if you do not put UN and PWD at job time, BNA itself check which DSP is attached with the device  or may be you set Auto DSP, it will check all DSPs and if it not found any credentials matching with the device then your job will get failed notification. I can not say this is bug, this is intentional to execute all jobs successfully.

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            Dirk Petzel

            In addition to that. Snapshot jobs are always using DSP, regardless on how this is configured.


            The UN / PW option only really is for running template actions against devices.


            Mukesh, for keeping track of what user does what, BNA already tracks this. if you run a job as your own user name, this should be shown in the job listing.





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              Michael Hunt

              The system is performing as designed. The snapshot routine always uses the DSP provided for the device. Only the tasks that make a change to the device will use the supplied credentials. Try doing a merge and supply bad credentials and you will see that it fails.





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