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    email notifications

      How do I make it so that when customer X sends a message with subject Y, it doesn't email them anything for any status. I need all other email submissions for all other subjects get regular notifications...

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          sundeep Kumar

          Hi Nicholas,


          Can you please share the exact requirement.


          Thank You !


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            Jean AD

            Hi Nicholas,


            You can:

            - Create an escalation that will change email address of the contact in the ticket to blabla@blabla.com and add this email to the list of emails to not notify in administration ==> Workspace  ==> Mail Preferences




            - Create a hidden field “Notification” that will be set to NO (via escalation) when the customer is X and the subject is Y and make all your notifications to check this field.


            FYI, if it’s not an automated email from your customer; do not use the subject as criteria because you will always have some issues with mistakes in the subject.